Pink Dots #01 – Photo: Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe

The very first exhibition  in Hall 12 – Art Experience by KRL  is The World is my Playground curated by Justine Kontou, during Dutch Design Week 2017.

This exposition offered visitors the chance to experience the visionary view on the beautiful world around us seen through the eyes and expressed by the hands of the following talented artists:

Atelier NL
Nacho Carbonell
Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters
Studio Thier&VanDaalen

“These inspiring artists are corresponding to me, in a way that they are attentive and pure. They trust their instincts and follow their hearts. They are authentic and have each developed a craft process, which often shows the beauty of our nature as well as the relationship between man and nature. In this exhibition I would like to emphasise the visionary view of these artists and designers on our beautiful world. The exhibition will show us how they see the world around us, with a richness of details and textures.” – Justine Kontou

With the exhibition The World is my Playground, these selected artists have given insight of their ideas through sketches, experiments, inspiration, basically showing us their process. Additionally, they also showed some of their final works that enabled visitors to fully appreciate the overall experience.