MKGK – The poetry they find in nature, history, color and landscape is the basis of their work. They translate this into objects, material applications, exhibitions and innovative production methods.

Atelier NL – They do extensive processed research with existing natural materials to discover hidden patterns and create (new) stories to enrich our daily lives.

Studio Thier en van Daalen – They have a fascination for light, geometry and organic shapes, as well as the transiency of nature. They focus on the proces and experiment because of their need to discover and surprise people with the outcome.

Nacho Carbonell – He likes to create objects with a fiction or fantasy element, giving you the opportunity to escape everyday life. He always works with organic shapes, and often there is a story behind focused on the element of communication. Either to connect people with each other or to let people focus on their consciousness and bring them in touch with themselves. 

Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe – They investigate the relationship between man and nature, focusing on the human eye on nature and landscape. They try to explore how the experience of landscape and nature changes when you illuminate the landscape or add certain elements. After studying the landscape they make a design with their lighting systems. By adding them into the landscape they create a new reality. You might call them landscape designers.